• December 5 2018
    Tax revenues will increase by approximately $680 million, or 2.4 percent, to $29.47 billion in fiscal 20201 according to a new forecast released today by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation at the state’s annual consensus revenue hearing.
  • November 16 2018

    The Massachusetts Taxpayer’s Foundation (MTF) believes that all segments of our society must rally together to reverse the trends and relieve the human suffering and economic burden of this expanding epidemic. One way to increase cohesion and focus among all stakeholders in this battle is to provide a comprehensive picture of the size and scope of this epidemic.

  • July 26 2018
    Today Governor Baker signed a $41.8 billion budget. The Governor exercised his veto powers by eliminating $48.9 million in spending while proposing amendments to 19 of the 110 policy sections included in the conference budget.
  • July 18 2018
    Today, the House and Senate released the fiscal (FY) 2019 budget conference report, which will now go to Governor Baker for his review. The $41.88 billion budget reconciles the House and Senate spending plans eighteen days after the start of the new fiscal year.
  • July 12 2018
    I write to you concerning the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation’s priorities for the health care reform legislation now pending in conference committee. The Foundation has long advocated for reforms to our health care system in order to reduce costs for the Commonwealth, its employers employees, and taxpayers.
  • June 26 2018

    Fiscal year (FY) 2019 begins on July 1st and budget conferees in both the House and Senate are working to complete their compromise budget in time for the start of the year. This brief outlines several of the issues that are being negotiated and examines challenges that complicate resolution.

  • June 20 2018
    The Massachusetts Taxpayer’s Foundation received a grant to create a report that will quantify the negative economic impact of the opioid epidemic on the Massachusetts economy. The report will produce needed information on the cost of the epidemic to employers and employees, the health care system, and state and municipal budgets.
  • June 19 2018
    Fiscal year (FY) 2018 ends in less than a month and final action to officially close out the year will likely occur before legislative session ends at the end of July. For the first time in several years, the year will end with tax revenues that significantly exceed expectations.
  • June 19 2018

    “Today is a great day for all Massachusetts taxpayers because the court has upheld the time-honored constitutional principle that limits the initiative process. By rejecting the notion that a small special interest group can usurp legislative power by including unrelated tax and spending provisions in the same ballot initiative, the court has preserved the state’s ability to make deliberative and fiscally sound choices.“

  • June 18 2018
    We conclude that the initiative petition should not have been certified by the Attorney General as "in proper form for submission to the people," because, contrary to the certification, the petition does not contain only subjects "which are related or which are mutually dependent," pursuant to art.