May 01, 2008

MTF Offers Recommendations to Curtail the Use of Police Details at Construction Sites

Continuing its longstanding efforts to reduce reliance on police details, on May 20 MTF President Michael J. Widmer offered testimony to the Executive Office of Transportation and Public Works at the first public hearing on recently passed legislation requiring EOT to recommend guidelines for the use of police details and civilian flaggers at public works sites. The regulations are to be promulgated by July 16, 2008. Mr. Widmer suggested that EOT conduct a comprehensive survey of other states to learn how and when they employ civilian flaggers and at what savings, as well as review the MBTA's dual use of flaggers and police details with a wage differential of up to $18 per hour. MTF recommended that EOT provide an ombudsman to work with city and town officials to help implement recommended guidelines for the appropriate use of civilian flaggers and police details.