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  • May 8 2019
    On May 7, the Senate Committee on Ways and Means (SWM) unveiled their budget proposal for state fiscal year 2020, which begins July 1, 2019. The proposal, the first under new Chair Michael J. Rodrigues, authorizes $43.2 billion in spending in fiscal 2020.1 This policy brief highlights key elements of the plan and provides an initial analysis of the SWM budget.
  • May 6 2019

    Eileen McAnneny, the President of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (MTF), reacted today to the announcement of April tax revenue collections by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue (DOR). “Robust revenue collection is a good news story,” said McAnneny.

  • April 11 2019
    On April 10, the Massachusetts Legislature’s House Committee on Ways and Means (HWM) released its version of the fiscal 2020 budget, which begins on July 1, 2019.1 The proposal, the first under new Chair Aaron Michlewicz, details the House’s spending priorities totaling $43.2 billion.
  • April 11 2019
    Thank you for this opportunity to testify today on S.16/H.86, the proposal to amend the Massachusetts Constitution to impose an additional surtax on annual income over $1 million. I am Eileen McAnneny, President of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.
  • April 4 2019

    In the eight weeks since Governor Charlie Baker released his spending plan for fiscal year 2020, the proposal has been the subject of significant analysis and debate. This policy brief serves as an update and addendum to MTF’s original analysis of February 4, 2019.

  • April 4 2019
    Tax revenue collections have been a roller coaster ride during fiscal 2019. Through the first five months of the year, tax collections were strong, ending November $323 million over estimates. In December and January, however, collections fell far short, ending January with a year-to-date variance of $403 million below benchmarks.
  • March 22 2019

    As a proponent of the 1993 education reforms and a founding member of the Massachusetts Business Alliance for Education, the Foundation has long recognized that the long-term well-being of the Commonwealth relies on a high performing education system. The employers of the modern economy need well-trained, well-prepared employees in order to compete and thrive.

  • March 6 2019
    “It is good news that tax revenue collections exceeded the monthly estimates,” said McAnneny. “But caution remains the key word for the rest of the fiscal year because revenues remain below projections for the year.”
  • February 6 2019
    Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation President Eileen McAnneny today reacted to the preliminary tax revenue totals announced yesterday by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue, which fell short of the year-to-date tax benchmarks by $403 million.