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  • April 10 2015
    “We are at a pivotal moment for the MBTA and our economy,” said Eileen McAnneny, President of the MTF.
  • March 11 2015

    The MBTA’s fiscal and structural problems are so severe and pervasive that marginal reforms will no longer suffice. The MBTA has reached the end of its line and needs a comprehensive rescue plan before there is any discussion of new revenue.

    (Governor) Baker said he found the MTF report "compelling." "It raised some really serious issues about not just the history of the T but also the future of the T, and I think anybody really interested in the future of that organization should read that report and recognize that it was done by an organization that has a lot of credibility," Baker said(Matt Murphy/SHNS).

  • August 7 2013
    Citing the recently passed technology tax “as a grave danger to the future of the innovation economy,” 20 Massachusetts business leaders, representing both small and large companies, today filed an initiative petition to repeal the recently enacted 6.25% sales tax on computer and software technology services.
  • June 26 2013
    This is the most sweeping such tax in the nation. It strikes at the heart of the state’s innovation economy and will stifle job creation for years to come.
  • April 10 2013
    The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (MTF) endorses the House and Senate bills that address the shortfall in funding for transportation while continuing to improve the performance of state transportation agencies.
  • March 6 2013

    A major study released today by two leading business groups, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation (MTF) in collaboration with the Massachusetts Business Roundtable MBR), offers a blueprint to ensure the greatest possible return on additional investments in transportation that are required to enhance the state’s economic competitiveness.

  • April 25 2011

    On April 25, MTF President Michael Widmer presented the MBTA’s financial status at a meeting organized by A Better City. With a growing operating deficit, massive debt, and faltering infrastructure, the T faces major fiscal challenges in the upcoming years.

  • March 30 2009
    The Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation unveiled a blueprint for the MBTA to save more than $1 billion in spending on health benefits over the next 20 years. The report, MTF Recommendations: Saving $1 Billion in Unaffordable Health Care Costs at the MBTA, makes six recommendations to bring MBTA health benefits into line with those provided state employees and which could be implemented by July 1, 2009.
  • March 3 2009
    In collaboration with four other groups, the Foundation has put forward a comprehensive transportation reform and finance plan to address the long backlog of transportation investments critical to the Massachusetts economy. The plan encompasses the recommendations of the Transportation Finance Commission, on which the Foundation served, including changes to the MBTA's benefit structure that could save between $1 and $2 billion over the next 20 years. The proposed 25 cent increase in the gas tax would enable the Commonwealth to address the rapidly deteriorating roads and bridges in each section of the state, putting the regional transit authorities and the Western Turnpike, as well as the MBTA, on stronger financial footing, and provide some toll relief to those using the Metro Highway System.


  • September 17 2008
    In testimony this week MTF applauded the administration's draft regulations to use civilian flaggers at public construction sites, calling the three-tiered system a "careful balance between public safety and public expenditures" and urged that these regulations be adopted.