February 13, 2023

MTF Session Previews

MTF is publishing eleven policy previews on these and other topics to help policymakers and the public begin the session with a clear understanding of where issues stand and the policy questions that must be addressed in the months ahead.  Each preview: 

  1. Provides a brief background on the topic; 
  2. Summarizes key activities from the prior session; 
  3. Assesses the relevant policy context; and 
  4. Sets forth questions to be answered.   

The topics covered by these Previews vary widely, but they are united by their relevance to the civic agenda and, more importantly, their role in determining the Commonwealth’s ability to be a place that residents and employers want to call home: 

In the year to come, MTF’s research and programming will return to many of these issues to assess proposals and make recommendations that foster sustainable and equitable economic growth in Massachusetts.

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