December 05, 2016
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MTF Forecast: Sluggish Growth in Tax Revenues Continues in 2018

Eileen McAnneny, President of MTF, presented the Foundation’s economic and revenue forecast to members of the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees and the Secretary of Administration and Finance at their annual consensus revenue hearing at the State House today.“The Foundation advises extreme caution over the next 18 months and urges lawmakers to exercise great restraint in building the budget. There are both longstanding causes for concern, such as a shrinking workforce and insufficient reserves in our Stabilization Fund, and many new ones – such as the lack of clarity on many policy positions from President-elect Trump and ominous signs of a global economic slowdown – that necessitate a conservative approach. Given our fragile fiscal state and our unpreparedness for a recession, our expectation is that these pressures will only grow in the coming year.”