July 26, 2022

Massachusetts Legislature considers toll commission, per mile fees possible

Matthew Medsger ,

The Boston Herald / Sentinel & Enterprise

“Recall that back then, when congestion was really crippling the Massachusetts economy — people couldn’t get anywhere, goods couldn’t be delivered, commutes could be hours — people were really at wits end,” she said. “So, I think there is some support for it. MTF’s position depends on what you are putting forward, what the package looks like, and for what.”

The “for what” is a very big deal, McAnneny said. Just raising tolls through a vehicle mileage use system doesn’t do much good if the goal — encouraging people to use mass transit — is met with a mass transit system that is, quite literally, running away and on fire. The bill includes language directing the commission to also look at regional bus systems and the MBTA.