About MTF

Founded in 1932, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation is widely recognized as the state's premier public policy organization dealing with state and local fiscal, tax and economic policies. The Foundation's record of high quality research and non-partisan analysis has earned the organization broad credibility on Beacon Hill and across the Commonwealth. Our mission is to provide accurate, unbiased research with balanced, thoughtful recommendations that strengthen the state's finances and economy in order to foster the long-term well being of the Commonwealth. Over the course of eight decades the Foundation has played an instrumental role in achieving major reforms and promoting sound public policy in state government. In the past ten years, the Foundation has won sixteen prestigious national awards from the Governmental Research Association for our work on a wide array of topics. Our unique credibility has allowed the Foundation to have a significant impact on a wide range of issues - from health care, business costs and transportation funding to tax competitiveness, capital investments and state and local finances.