• March 24 2015
    MTF joined seven other business organizations in support of Senate Docket 883, An Act to Enhance Employment Opportunities, that updates the state's independent contract law to maintain and grow Massachusetts’ economy.
  • March 13 2015

    The FY 2016 budget has been hampered by a large structural gap that is the result of $1.2 billion in one-time funds used in FY 2015 and $1.5 billion in spending growth for non-discretionary accounts. That $2.7 billion total shortfall is offset by tax revenue growth of $872 million, leaving a $1.8 billion deficit.

  • March 11 2015

    The MBTA’s fiscal and structural problems are so severe and pervasive that marginal reforms will no longer suffice. The MBTA has reached the end of its line and needs a comprehensive rescue plan before there is any discussion of new revenue.

    (Governor) Baker said he found the MTF report "compelling." "It raised some really serious issues about not just the history of the T but also the future of the T, and I think anybody really interested in the future of that organization should read that report and recognize that it was done by an organization that has a lot of credibility," Baker said(Matt Murphy/SHNS).

  • February 13 2015
    The Foundation is working with other business groups to address issues with the net worth measure of the state’s corporate excise. This memo provides a detailed explanation of the issues and solutions.
  • January 25 2015
    In anticipation of the release of the Governor’s budget later this week, this briefing provides a status report on fiscal year 2016 and an overview of what we anticipate for fiscal year 2017.
  • January 22 2015

    Tax revenues will grow by $1.1 billion, or 4.5 percent, to $25.5 billion in fiscal 2016, continuing the trend of modest growth yet still below that of previous economic recoveries, according to a new forecast released today by the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation.

    “It’s alarming that even with employment gains and a healthier economic climate, the state faces a monumental budget shortfall in fiscal 2015 and substantial challenges in 2016,” Bagley said.

  • December 17 2014

    The Foundation’s analysis concludes that the state is facing an estimated budget deficit of $1 billion for fiscal 2015.

  • December 15 2014
    The Foundation’s 44th annual report on municipal finances. Despite a modest rebound in revenues, municipalities find themselves in a long-term budget squeeze as retiree benefit obligations continue to grow.
  • September 22 2014
    The Foundation’s latest report highlights that the soaring costs of retiree health care have consumed more than a quarter of the growth of property taxes in the state’s poorest communities since 2009. Addressing these huge unfunded liabilities must be a priority for the next Governor and Legislature.