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  • June 16 2016

    The Foundation focuses this report on the capital financing of transportation. More specifically, MTF takes a critical first look at the two most important questions facing the transportation capital spending plan: 1) how does the state decide which projects to fund? and 2) how well does the state manage the spending of those scarce dollars? With limited resources and a seemingly unending list of capital needs, these two questions determine where and how well the state can fix the transportation infrastructure.

  • March 7 2016

    Today’s fare hike vote by the Fiscal and Management Control Board (FMCB) illustrates why creation of the Board was so critical to the T’s turnaround and why the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation supports the steps the FMCB has taken to date. Bold action is necessary to fix the T. This temporary SWAT team is essential for the T to make the difficult choices needed to control its operating budget and direct these savings to capital investments.

  • July 21 2015
    Today marks an important new chapter for the MBTA and its riders. Today is the first meeting of the Fiscal Management Control Board. This board will bring much-needed focus, expertise, urgency, discipline and accountability to the MBTA over the next three years – powers that can be extended for another two years if deemed necessary. Today is the day that reform of the MBTA begins in earnest.
  • June 29 2015
    Despite efforts over the past decades, previous reforms have failed and the T continues to deteriorate, threatening our vibrant economic recovery. Bold action is urgently needed. Five months after the T’s complete shutdown, we cannot lose the sense of urgency around fixing something that is severely broken. Our top priority must remain the interests of the working and commuting public.
  • June 25 2015

    Four months after the T’s collapse this past February, the state has reached a pivotal moment in which the Legislature must make crucial decisions on the future of the state’s key public transit system. If lawmakers adopt a bill with only incremental changes, rather than providing the Governor with the full complement of tools to fix the T, they will doom the MBTA’s future and undermine the state’s economy.

  • April 29 2015
    Due to the urgency of fixing the MBTA and the need for the public transit system to be reliable and fully functional, the undersigned business organizations are requesting policy makers to address the following issues:
  • April 10 2015
    “We are at a pivotal moment for the MBTA and our economy,” said Eileen McAnneny, President of the MTF.
  • March 11 2015

    The MBTA’s fiscal and structural problems are so severe and pervasive that marginal reforms will no longer suffice. The MBTA has reached the end of its line and needs a comprehensive rescue plan before there is any discussion of new revenue.

    (Governor) Baker said he found the MTF report "compelling." "It raised some really serious issues about not just the history of the T but also the future of the T, and I think anybody really interested in the future of that organization should read that report and recognize that it was done by an organization that has a lot of credibility," Baker said(Matt Murphy/SHNS).