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  • January 25 2017

    The Governor’s FY 2018 budget proposal (House 1) has been released and proposes $45.2 billion in spending. This Bulletin provides an overview of the major spending, revenue and policy components included therein.

  • January 12 2017
    The Secretary for Administration and Finance and the Chairs of House and Senate Ways and Means Committees have agreed to assume $27.072 billion in tax revenue in FY 2018. This amount represents 3.9 percent growth over expected FY 2017 revenues.
  • December 20 2016
    The Consensus Revenue Hearing, held on December 5th, kicked off the FY 2018 budget development process. The testimony at the hearing highlighted a number of fiscal challenges that the state can expect in the near future.
  • December 6 2016

    Today, the Baker Administration announced $97.9 million in midyear budget (9C) cuts.1 These cuts come during a particularly challenging budget year in which revenues have been reduced by $800 million already. This brief provides background on the FY 2017 budget gap and summarizes the budget cuts announced today

  • December 5 2016

    Eileen McAnneny, President of MTF, presented the Foundation’s economic and revenue forecast to members of the House and Senate Ways and Means Committees and the Secretary of Administration and Finance at their annual consensus revenue hearing at the State House today.“The Foundation advises extreme caution over the next 18 months and urges lawmakers to exercise great restraint in building the budget. There are both longstanding causes for concern, such as a shrinking workforce and insufficient reserves in our Stabilization Fund, and many new ones – such as the lack of clarity on many policy positions from President-elect Trump and ominous signs of a global economic slowdown – that necessitate a conservative approach. Given our fragile fiscal state and our unpreparedness for a recession, our expectation is that these pressures will only grow in the coming year.”

  • October 27 2016
    Earlier in October, the Baker Administration identified an estimated midyear budget gap of $294 million. Today, Administration and Finance Secretary Lepore laid out the plan to close that gap and keep this year’s budget in balance. This brief outlines the causes of the budget shortfall and reviews the solutions.
  • September 20 2016

    This brief frames the final FY 2016 budget shortfall and takes a closer look at some of the factors that created the gap. It will also preview some of the solutions likely to be used to close the gap and outline possible implications for FY 2017.

  • August 3 2016
    On July 31st the Legislature completed its budget override process for FY 2017, finalizing the years General Appropriations Act. In total the Legislature overrode $231.6 million of the $267.1 million originally vetoed by the Governor.
  • July 14 2016
    The eventful final stages of the FY 2017 budget process are nearly complete. Last week, Governor Baker signed the Conference Committee budget after vetoing $267.1 million in spending and striking or proposing amendments to 60 budget sections. The legislature has until the end of July to take up overrides of the Governor’s vetoes at which point the FY 2017 budget will be finalized.
  • June 30 2016
    The FY 2017 Conference Committee report released yesterday reconciles the House and Senate budgets while assuming $750 million less in tax revenue than previous spending plans. This analysis outlines the Conference Committee plan for balancing the budget in light of reduced tax revenues and highlights areas of concern as we start the fiscal year.