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  • May 27 2014
    Michael J. Widmer, the long-time president of the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation who has played a central role in some of the most important policy debates and decisions of the past 25 years, announced today his intention to retire when the transition to a successor is complete.
  • February 18 2014
    Despite the success of municipal health reform, the rising costs of employee benefits are crowding out other municipal services and making the need for retiree health care reform more urgent than ever.
  • July 30 2012

    In the attached table, the Foundation summarizes and contrasts the 2013 final budget passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor with spending for fiscal years 2008 through 2012.

  • January 18 2011
    In our zeal to “reform’’ the Probation Department, let’s not shackle the agency with a system that will ensure mediocrity into the indefinite future.
  • April 2009

    Following each state election, the Massachusetts Taxpayers Foundation publishes the Massachusetts Legislative Directory, an invaluable guide to the State House. This booklet is designed to help you, the citizen, understand the legislative process and communicate with your elected officials.

  • December 2008
    We are deeply saddened by the passing of Kevin Harrington, one of Massachusetts' foremost political leaders of the past half century and a member of the Foundation's Executive Committee since 1987. Mr. Harrington was first elected to the Massachusetts Senate in 1958 and served as Senate President from 1970 to 1978, but his larger imprint on Massachusetts government and politics extended way beyond the years in the Senate. A lover of history and politics and a teacher by nature, Mr. Harrington had a deep commitment to public service and respect for the institutions of democratic government while also displaying great skills and relish at the world of hard-nosed politics. As a member of the Executive Committee for two decades, Mr. Harrington helped guide the Foundation while explaining to business leaders the ways of Massachusetts government and politics. The Commonwealth and the Foundation are deeply indebted to him.